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Exhibition "Maps, Crowds and Portraits" by Carmelo Sobrino

curated by Dr. Adlín Ríos Rigau, opened on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 in the Pedro Cortés Forteza Focus Room.

“Our exhibition is made up of 37 large, medium and small format acrylic and oil paintings, made up of 4 maps, 8 crowds and 25 portraits. The curatorial concept is based on a satellite view of the world that surrounds the artist. It is the macro interpretation of our planet until reaching the micro of the individual, all expressed through the wide alternatives that abstraction and figuration provide. Sobrino's diverse color palette runs between lively saturation and subtle pastel tones and his unique gestural drawing of great expressiveness, to visually represent the appearance of the three themes that make up this exhibition. Carmelo's maps, conceptual and wonderful, offer the viewer the possibility of imagining places near or far, as well as dreaming and creating their own experiences, as many as the multiple fragmentations with which the artist composes the works. The crowds are a reflection of Sobrino's gregarious and supportive personality, because that swarm of people represents his interest in people and the well-being of his community and the country. Portraits, a genre of proven difficulty, show what a great draftsman he is and his mastery of color. Sobrino studies his subjects with great sensitivity to later capture the essence of each one of them. In Maps, Crowds and Portraits, Carmelo Sobrino gives us a holistic vision of the world, harmoniously combining immensity, abundance and individuality ”.


- Adlin Ríos Rigau


“Beautiful cartographies to the collective unconscious!

- Snow of Los Angeles, Cuba

"I loved it, always joy, energy, vitality."

- C. Fernández

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