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Established in 2012, Fundación Cortés is a private non-profit organization that, through art and humanities, seeks to promote the strengthening of the values of our people.


Fundación Cortés recently opened the new exhibition titled "Eyes that have sight. To look beyond" on December 7, 2022 curated by the recognized independent author, art historian and Cuban curator Gerardo Mosquera. The exhibition comprehends the two galleries and features 42 artists and collectives inviting us to see the Caribbean through new eyes.  


Hey, student!
¿Do you have an EducaKit?

Since 2020 Fundación Cortés has made a compromise with our youth and Senior Citizens providing access for the art materials and other supplies used in our Educa Cortés Program. Since then we have provided a unique box called EducaKit, containing more than 15 art supplies among other educational resources, for more than 300 students coming from public schools in Puerto Rico. We also give this Educakits to the Senior Citizens that are part of a special programming in Fundación Cortés, so they can share this experiences with their families and friends. 


This way we can guarantee the impact of our programs after participants enjoy the experiences and settle a common ground to continue this experiences in our communities.


During the last 90 years the Cortés Family has been committed to the social and cultural well-being of the Caribbean, as well as the interest and appreciation for art that has transcended its generations, through the Cortés Hermanos Company ...


Established in 2012, Fundación Cortés is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate and inspire with our passion for the arts of the Caribbean.


Established in 2012, Fundación Cortés is a non-profit organization whose vision is to be recognized internationally as a vital center for the appreciation, study and exchange of the arts of the Caribbean.


The five values that we integrate into all of our programming are: Culture, Identity, Self-Sufficiency, Social Justice and Dignity . In the integration workshops of Caribbean art for academic purposes and for well-being and mental health, we use, for example, the book "Stimuli of life for each day" by Eugenio María de Hostos, and hence the reading and dialogue and reflection that are developed , and the emotions that come to the surface and invite you to recognize and channel deeply, are manifested through creative expression.


Your donation helps us continue to offer and expand our cultural and educational programs.

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