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Due to the need for emotional support of our students in the face of this crisis, this time we focus on the psychosocial component to design educational workshops. We change the technical focus of art (mosaic, drawing, painting, printmaking and digital cinema) and we design virtual educational and cultural experiences.

We selected the #BlackLivesMatter theme with integration of works by artists from Loíza, Puerto Rico as the main theme of the Program, due to the sad incident at the time of the death of the American George Floyd. We developed new resources including the “in-house” production of two educational video-workshops, innovative concepts and integration of different media (music, documentaries, images, photographs, etc.), and we maintained the elements of the regular year Program including the reading, public speaking, development of critical thinking and creative expression, as well as the five values: Identity, Culture, Self-Management, Social Justice and Dignity.


In addition, we developed the EducaKits for distribution to all students.

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