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Newsletter: January - April 2021

We share the best moments during the period of January – April 2021

Published on May 10, 2021.

During the first months of 2021, we have impacted over 400 students, teachers and adults in Puerto Rico through the Educa Cortés Program - The Art of Wellness and Mental Health.

We successfully completed the Program Educa Cortés: The Art of Wellness and Self-Management offered virtually to more than 70 women who navigate their diagnosis of breast cancer. Sponsored by MCS Puerto Rico, Chocolate Cortés and Chocobar Cortés, in alliance with Susan G. Komen Puerto Rico Affiliate.

In alliance with La Perla Farm School, we launched the new program Educa Cortés: The Art of Wellness and Agroecology with 8 scholarship participants along with the plastic artists Angélica Rivera and Jerome Giuliano Zayas. We are grateful for the waiver received and the sponsorship of: Red Nose for Puerto Rico Fund, Comic Relief USA, Puerto Rico Community Foundation, Chocolate Cortés and Chocobar Cortés.

We continue to develop the curriculum and formalize the Wellness Mentoring Program, supporting young participants with the scientifically proven benefits of integrating art in processes of dialogue, reflection, and creative expression.

We delighted the public from the balconies of Casa Cortés and through Old San Juan, complying with health protocols through the Cortés Cultural Surprises in times of pandemic.

Thanks to the pro-bono work of Bianca Ruíz Granado from Sajo//McCann, we designed and launched the new Fundación Cortés website where you can browse and appreciate our cultural and educational offerings.

The Fundación Cortés work team has participated in various virtual professional development trainings on Mental Health, Gender Perspective, Citizen Competencies, Mentoring, among other topics, provided by institutions such as the International Medical Corps, Childhood USA and Comic Relief. US, MENTOR, Fundación Banco Popular, Agenda Ciudadana, among others.

Our Executive Director and Lead Educator, Adelisa González-Lugo, was invited to be part of the subcommittee of the Museums Association of the Caribbean, ICOFOM-LAC and ICOM Barbados, for the study, discussion and production of museological theory from the perspective of museum practitioners of the Caribbean.

We warmly welcome three new members of the Board of Directors: Eva Díaz Acevedo, Efrén Pagán Beauchamp and Javier Cortés González.

From left to right: Adlín Ríos Rigau, Javier Cortés González, Eva Díaz Acevedo, Alberto Bacó Bagué, Elaine Shehab Licha, Ignacio Cortés Gelpí y Efrén Pagán Beauchamp.

We create custom design programs and facilitate virtual workshops to complement course standards and expectations of the following institutions in our community: José Julián Acosta Specialized Theater School in the "Acting on Television" class of Professor and actress Lourdes Morán, and for The School of Fine Arts and Design of Puerto Rico in the classes of "Needs of the Exceptional Child", "Psychological and Sociological Foundations of Education" and "Learning Theory" of the Professor and plastic artist Bárbara Díaz-Tapia.

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