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Today more than ever, students need adult role models who can guide them and be able to dialogue about aspirations, concerns, challenges, and so on. At Fundación Cortés we have set ourselves the task of creating the Wellness Mentoring Program integrating art as a core strategy supporting the young participants with the scientifically proven benefits of integrating art in processes of dialogue, reflection and creative expression.

Integrating visual arts - in our case Caribbean art - allows neurons in the brain to be activated that are not activated in another way, which causes an increase in the level of creativity, helps to organize our thoughts, and above all to calm us down.

Through this link, the mentor (educational guide-educator) shares his experience and knowledge of art and well-being with each student. Young people have the opportunity to develop successfully on an individual, emotional and personal level.

The young participant is treated as a conscientious individual and his own development of reason and dialogue is encouraged. Hence, Self-Management projects are born that we manage to support and promote, by feeling empowered themselves.

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