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La Borinqueña en San Juan

“La Borinqueña en San Juan”, curated by the graphic novelist Edgardo Miranda-Rodríguez, celebrates the fifth anniversary of the creation of this unique Afro-Boricuan superheroine, La Borinqueña, inspired in our cultural legacy and with the intention of sharing the love that Miranda-Rodríguez has for his country, Puerto Rico, and the history and traditions that Puerto Ricans preserve. Cortés Hermanos and Edgardo Miranda-Rodríguez created an alliance which resulted in the creation of a four-episode comic story of La Borinqueña printed on the inside cover of the Chocolate Cortés bars which benefit Fundación Cortés.


“Beautiful cartographies to the collective unconscious!

- Snow of Los Angeles, Cuba

"I loved it, always joy, energy, vitality."

- C. Fernández

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