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Haiti Here ... Four Times

The exhibition hall contains a varied sample that affirms the presence of a wonderful culture in Haiti. The exhibition is based on a selection of paintings from the Chocolate Cortés Collection. The paintings summarize an imaginary that is framed between the forties until the beginning of the XXI century. Each painting exudes the creative imagination and technical play of the artists. In them the historical, mythological and religious sources that nourish the daily life of the town are reflected. The pictorial exhibition is complemented by a selection from the photographic portfolio "Los espíritus en la tierra" by the Spanish artist Luis Alcalá del Olmo.

The photos show approaches to rites and pilgrimages of voodoo devotees and the variants linked to cultural expression and faith. The images collect the conviction of the presence of divine forces in nature, which includes the call for their manifestations in places of sacred value and mediated by people initiated into religious practice.

The installation "Madamas", consists of a group of sculptures, in textiles and fibers, created by the Puerto Rican artist Humberto Figueroa Torres. The space that delimits them anticipates the valuable dialogue between paintings and photographs. The sculptural ensemble refers to the ancient tradition of black rag dolls that were prepared as spiritual protections for the homes of practitioners and believers in benefactor supernatural forces.

The journey through Haiti closes with the projection “Sculptors of Grand Rue”, a video made by the British artist Leah Gordon that records the dynamics of the work and the testimonies of sculptors dedicated to creating from recycling, formally updating elements of traditional iconography.

Haiti here affirms the presence and vitality of the national imaginary that reveals beliefs in intangible forces as a vital source of identity. The art on display shows a range of diverse formal languages in aesthetic registers nurtured by black culture in the Caribbean.

Introduction: Four times in the cardinal points lead us to Haiti by Humberto Figueroa Torres. Catalog Haiti Here at four times


"A thought-provoking exhibit."

- Bart Crawford, USA

"Just breathtaking and enlightening."

- Seldine Kamara

“What an awesome, jaw dropping exhibit!

Long live the Caribbean! "

- Ueana Zart, MA. USES

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