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The core program of the Cortés Foundation, the Educa Cortés Program, consists of the custom design of innovative and interactive teamwork and individual workshops to allow participants to express themselves creatively and thus apply the knowledge they are acquiring under the different academic subjects and academic standards and expectations of the Puerto Rico Department of Education, or other topics of focus. Our model is based on neuro-aesthetics, the cognitive and motor benefit that results from the integration and appreciation of Caribbean art through dialogue and reflection, which allows neurons to be activated in the brain that increase our level of creativity, and we helps organize our thoughts. In addition to academic and creative enrichment, other benefits include the development of critical thinking and speaking, an appreciation for reading, and an increase in self-esteem. These experiences become spaces of peace, personal growth and as opportunities to value art and the humanities as catalytic tools for enrichment and individual and collective growth.


In it, a two-hour educational and interactive program is designed and facilitated, in collaboration with teachers and tutors, in which works from the exhibitions are selected according to the subject and are integrated as learning tools and enrichment with the goal of supplementing academic standards and expectations under any subject or major theme (for example: math, science, language, nutrition, art, gender, and resilience). In addition, critical thinking skills, oral presentation, and cultural awareness are promoted. The largest percentage of Program participants come from public schools and underserved communities, and we are committed to raising funds so that we do not charge for the activities we design and facilitate for them.

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