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Curator Carla Acevedo-Yates


In the Corporalidades collective, through different plastic and visual manifestations that have the female body as a common reference, we explore the forging presence of women in our Caribbean identity.

In dialogue with the works on display, we have incorporated African tribal masks of women's faces as another protagonist. With them we not only propose the African presence within our culture and regional artistic endeavor but also the way in which other peoples have cemented their essence and vitality around their conception of the role of women.

Ignacio Cortés Gelpí from the Corporalidades / Crónica catalog (o).


"The essence of the Caribbean in one place."

- José Paul, Dominican Republic

"Tasty Caribbean exhibition and dialogue."

- Aleris Santos, Puerto Rico

“The selection [of CCC Caribes] is interesting

and museum / curatorial montage. "

- Jesús Borriera, Puerto Rico

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