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Curator Elizabeth Robles

CCC: Caribes

“This exhibition displays a fragment of the wide body of works in the Collection, in celebration of the inauguration of the Casa Cortés building. With this act, the Chocolate Cortés companies constitute the vision of establishing a place that provides the opportunity to maintain continuous encounters for the study and appreciation of art from the Caribbean to the Caribbean, as well as for Latin America and

the international arena ”.


Curator Elizabeth Robles

Recalling the visit of the Cuban professor, researcher and art critic, Dr. Yolanda Wood, to our inaugural exhibition: “CCC: Caribes”,

which traveled to one of the exhibition rooms of the San Juan Museum in 2014 and there they were able to offer educational programming to over 2,000 students. To remember is to smile and appreciate the impact of Caribbean art in our lives.


"The essence of the Caribbean in one place."

- José Paul, Dominican Republic

"Tasty Caribbean exhibition and dialogue."

- Aleris Santos, Puerto Rico

“The selection [of CCC Caribes] is interesting

and museum / curatorial montage. "

- Jesús Borriera, Puerto Rico

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