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The Educa Cortés Program focuses on the management and channeling of emotions and self-care, and the integration of social values ​​as priorities for the well-being of Puerto Rico: Identity, Culture, Self-management, Social Justice and Dignity. These experiences lead to empowerment and the creation of self-management projects created by the participants.


To achieve a great impact, we recruited the first Puerto Rican actress Cordelia González who designed a curriculum for the different groups to attend, based on a model in which she trained for three years during her master's program at Yale University, which seeks to impact individuals. in their process of liberating and finding their voice, and thus supporting individuals in their processes of dealing with the new Puerto Rico in which we live after the terrible experience and the traumas created or exalted by the hurricane. In addition, we integrated the plastic teacher Nick Quijano to complement said curriculum with art workshops aimed at working with emotions felt after the hurricane and how to channel them through art activities and documentation in newspapers about said experiences. In this way, each individual culminates in the creation of their own work of art that becomes a legacy for another member of their family or person to whom they wish to deliver their final work.


To complement the offer, we recruited Professor Harry Rivera Hernández (Hari Rivera) to design and facilitate Art and Yoga with the purpose of supporting individuals in their processes of creative expression and management of emotions. They are not painting techniques workshops, it is about being able to express what needs to be expressed. In these workshops it is about rescuing that contact with ourselves through plastic expression with paint, thus having tools to manage stress and post-hurricane trauma. The practice of Yoga unblocks the energy channels in the body and leads to a larger and more vital life force, an increase in blood circulation, which has a magnificent effect on the brain and the heart. The greater mental clarity and vitality someone has, and the more the spirit is unrestricted by mental or social limitations, the greater the creative expression.


The subject of healing therapy through music is part of the Program's curriculum and Dr. Daniel Martínez, Psychologist and Professor at the Carlos Albizu University, designs and develops together with his doctoral students (many recently were certified in music- healing in Cuba) music and writing integration workshops. Doctoral students also manage to accumulate internship hours required to graduate.

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