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In 2022 important grants were approved: Programa Mano Amiga, from the foundations Fundación Plaza Las Américas and Fundación Plaza Del Caribe, and  ARPA Funds, administered under Autoridad de Asesoría Financiera y Agencia Fiscal de Puerto Rico (AAFAF). 

For Fundación Cortés, this new funding opportunities represents a unique way to extend our Educa Cortés Program: The Art of Wellness and Mental Health for Senior Citizens to 300 participants from all over the different regions from Puerto Rico. It is an honor for us to share this online workshops with a community wich actually represents the majority of the population in the country and demonstrates the great benefits that results from this learning experiences.

In this ocassion, each participant that becomes part of the Program, receive the EducaKit that has been a key component from our workshhops in the past months. This kit maximizes the benefits from our learning experiences and guarantee the continuity of the wellness practices in a self-sufficient way by each participant.

After Hurricane Fiona, in September 2022, we decided to launch a special edition programming involving in-presence workshops. This way we addressed the lack of essential services in the island, such as lack of power energy and access to internet, due to the pass of the hurricane.

The Educa Cortés Program make possible unique experiences were the artworks from the Colección Chocolate Cortés become social transformational tools. The workshops have a strong reflective component which is nurtured by quotes from Eugenio María de Hostos, and values such as Dignity and Respect are connected to the dialogues. The five key values from Fundación Cortés are: Culture, Identity, Social Justice, Dignity and Self-Sufficiency and these are crossed along with the different topics held collectively. All this result in different creative expression exercises to capture the meaningful encounters and the new lessons learned through the workshops. 

The Educa Cortés Program: The Art of Wellness and Mental Health Online for Senior Citizens continues recruiting new participants for the workshops ending in May 2023. If you or someone you know wants to be part, free of charge, please send an e-mail to: or call/send text message to the following number: (787) 567-4642.


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